August Sander - Coellen aus Rand und Band em Jahr 1929

August Sander

Coellen aus Rand und Band em Jahr 1929

Vintage gelatin silver print. 16.2 x 21 cm. Subsequently trimmed with deckle paper edgers scissors and flush-mounted to card, annotated by Inge Jansen's mother in ballpoint pen on the reverse of the mount.

The following lots comprise photographs by August Sander originating from the estate of Inge Jansen (1933 - 2007). She was the apprentice and assistant of the photographer between 1953 and 1955 in Kuchhausen. She received here, as noted by her mentor, “insight into creative photography”, and Sander was highly satisfied with the work of his pupil and attested great promise to her in the field of photography. This assortment of works presented to Jansen by August Sander includes some of his most popular landscape motifs, such as images of the Siebengebirge mountain range: A view from the Rolandsbogen taken in 1929/30 (lot 47), Drachenfels and the Rheintal from 1935 (lot 46) and a view of the Siebengebirge from Victoriaberg in Remagen from 1930 (lot 48). The assortment also includes a rarer view of the Rheintal and Nonnenwerth Island (lot 42) which was probably captured at the same time as the more well-known version of this motif also included among these images.
Among the four images of the old town and cathedral of Cologne (lots 51 - 54), the view from the Heribertskirche is especially interesting. The piece is included here as a slightly larger print mounted on card in the original photographer's frame (lot 54). Another highlight of the assortment is the photographic reproduction of the collage “Coellen aus Rand und Band em Jahr 1929” (lot 41). The collage comprises numerous photographs taken during the carnival festivities in Cologne at the famous rag balls hosted by the Cologne Progressive artists. The collage not only shows the illustrious guests, but also a silhouette of the photographer himself with his camera in the far right. The whereabouts of the original collage are unknown, which makes this well preserved and very precise reproduction, printed from the original negative, a highly important historical document.
The fact that some of the works bear the crossed out copyright and studio stamp of Sander's studio in Dürener Strasse in Köln-Lindenthal as well as his Kuchhausen photographer's stamp could indicate that they are vintage or older prints made prior to his gradual resettlement in Westerwald in 1942. UV analysis of the photographs confirms that the prints were made a few years before the beginning of Inge Jansen's apprenticeship in Kuchhausen.

We would like to thank Julian Sander of the August Sander Stiftung in Bonn for his kind help.


Accompanied by a certificate by Julian Sander, August Sander Foundation, Bonn, dated October 13th, 2015


Estate of Inge Jansen


Photographische Sammlung/SK Stiftung Kultur, Cologne (ed.), Zeitgenossen. August Sander und die Kunstszene der 20er Jahre im Rheinland, Josef-Haubrich-Kunsthalle, Cologne, Göttingen 2000, ill. p. 49

Lot 41 D

4.000 € - 6.000 €

5.208 €