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Ernst Barlach - Das Wiedersehen

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27.11.2015, 18:00 - Modern Art
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Ernst Barlach

Das Wiedersehen

Bronze Height 48 cm Signed 'E. Barlach' on back of plinth as well as with the foundry mark 'H. NOACK BERLIN'. Total edition 36 casts. One of 25 unnumbered casts from the years of cast since 1938. - With dark patina, lightened in places.

The two men facing each other represent Christ, recognisable by his wounds, and his former disciple, the doubting Thomas. This group of two figures, initially carved in walnut, is counted among the main works in Barlach's sculptural work. Thematically, they originate from the Gospel of John (cf. chapter 20, verses 24-29). Seeking support and full of consternation, the bowed, doubting Thomas looks up at Christ who, following his resurrection and despite his wounds, stands very upright seemingly already disconnected from everything mortal. The originally traditional iconographic motif is interpreted completely independently here.
The figures exhibit ascetic features typical of Barlach. Since his war experiences, Barlach increasingly used the figure of Christ as a symbol for the suffering of mankind. The group of figures reveals the fundamental drama typical of Barlach's works as well as his interest in tackling difficult compositional tasks. In preparation for the sculptural version, Barlach produced a charcoal drawing titled “Wiedersehen (Christus und Thomas)“, to be found in the estate of Ernst Barlach, dated 3 April 1922 (cat. rais. Wittboldt/Laur, Werkverzeichnis III, no. 1928).

Catalogue Raisonné

Laur 391/2; Schult I 306


Private possession, South Germany


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