Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Badende im Tub

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Badende im Tub
Circa 1920

Pencil drawing, partially wiped, on yellow paper 24.2 x 22.5 cm Monogrammed 'ELK' within the depiction upper right. - Collection annotation "K Z 24" in brown pen and ink verso. - Traces of creasing in upper left corner, the paper minimally, irregularly cut. Two minute marginal tears to top and right.

Kirchner moved into the farmhouse “In den Lärchen” near Davos in September 1918 and remained there until the end of 1923. It was here that Kirchner began writing about his own art under the pseudonym Louis de Marsalle. In his writing he emphasised the importance of drawing as the first record of artistic experience. The immediacy of it made it the ideal touchstone for the development of an idea.
This drawing shows a young female nude seated in a tub, depicted with virtuosity and in energetic strokes. The pointy, triangular tooth-like structures in the background which represent the décor of the curtains in Kirchner's studio are juxtaposed with the tilted up circle and the oval. The artist did not place particular value on the accurate depiction of the model's features, it was more important to him to show the vigour and charm of the nude and capture the atmosphere of the moment in an immediate form.
The Gervais Collection from which this fine sketch originates included at least 500 of Kirchner's works even during the artist's lifetime.


The drawing is recorded in the Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Archive, Wichtrach/Bern.


Collection Dr. Gervais, Zurich/Lyon; Collection Dr. Heinrich Appel, formerly director of Leopold-Hoesch-Museum, Düren; Private possession since, Rhineland

Lot 433 Dα

20.000 € - 22.000 €

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