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Heinz Mack - Dynamische Struktur Schwarz auf Weiß

Contemporary Art  28.11.2015, 11:00 - 28.11.2015, 23:59

Estimate: 150.000 € - 180.000 €
Result: 248.000 €

Heinz Mack

Dynamische Struktur Schwarz auf Weiß

Synthetic resin on muslin. 110 x 120 cm. Signed and dated 'mack 62' verso on canvas, with directional arrow. Titled "dynamische Struktur Schwarz auf weiß' on the stretcher, with directional arrow. - Minor traces of age.

Heinz Mack began working on his first structure pictures in 1956. They belong to the early works of the ZERO group, co-founded by the artist and Otto Piene in 1957.
Singular structural elements as well as a certain parallelism come to the foreground in these works. The colour design is reduced to black and white, further accentuating the form. Our work also shows this typical pictorial composition in which the surface is ordered by two parallel structures. Their dynamism reflects that of the light and embodies the phenomenom of the light in the white. ''His structures are dynamic […] because they reach beyond themselves, because they contain the vision of a new, comprehensive art of light and space. Their vibrating lines, which suggest the anticipation of certain Op Art effects, are in direct relation to the light reliefs and reflective stele which would become a trademark of the light artist Mack a short time later. The strong impression of movement on these sheets seems to automatically imply that alongside the artistically generated momentum, soon real movement will occur in his work. […].“ (Stephan Geiger, Ein Portrait des Lichtkünstlers als junger Zeichner, Kunstgeschichtliche Anmerkungen zu den frühen Papierarbeiten von Heinz Mack, in: Gunda Luyken et al, Mack, Die Sprache meiner Hand, Ostfildern 2011, p.117).


With accompanying photo-certificate signed by the artist dated 2011.


Private collection, Berlin