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Jonas Burgert - Potsdam-Zyklus Teil I (5)

Contemporary Art  28.11.2015, 11:00 - 28.11.2015, 23:59

Estimate: 60.000 € - 80.000 €
Result: 99.200 €

Jonas Burgert

Potsdam-Zyklus Teil I (5)

Oil on canvas. 275 x 130 cm. Signed, dated and titled (twice) 'JONAS BURGERT 5 Zyklus-Potsdam 2006 Jonas Burgert' verso on canvas.

The main themes of Burgert's artistic creativity are the psychological human condition and human interrelations; archaic and future picture worlds come into conflict in his works. His scenes arise from an individual, independent image conception, which however often give the viewer the impression that they vaguely recognise it, as if it were a quotation from the picture cannon of art history, a mythological story or a film.
''His complex pictorial stories appear mythologically loaded and mysterious. The subtext however is immediately imparted. Burgert knows to compress the traces of the act of painting, on often extra large canvases, to physically tangible human representations of great urgency. Sometimes in archaically exotic 'costumes', sometimes in contemporary everyday clothes, we encounter kings, warriors, magicians, shaman, business people or children. The figures draw the viewer into their spell whilst effortlessly crossing the boundaries of time and place. For it is not the usual cross-references and pictorial quotations which determine the character of Burgert's painting, but the force of the pictorial language orientated towards the authentic expressions of human life.'' (Daniel J. Schreiber, Hans-Peter Wipplinger, Foreword, in: Jonas Burgert, Lebendversuch, Kunsthalle Tübingen, Cologne 2010/11, p.7).


Collection Sander, Darmstadt


Daniel J. Schreiber/Hans-Peter Wipplinger (ed.), Jonas Burgert, Lebendversuch,, Kunsthalle Tübingen i.a., Cologne 2011, no.40, p.97 with colour illus.