A Berlin KPM porcelain plate with a view of the Pfaueninsel

A Berlin KPM porcelain plate with a view of the Pfaueninsel

Decorated with two gilt rimmed fields, inscribed "Die Pfauen Insel bei Potsdam" and "Das russiche Haus bei Potsdam". Blue sceptre mark, red imperial eagle and painter's mark to the vase and base. Restored to the upper rim and one corner of the base. H 57.7 cm.
Ca. 1825. The view after an engraving by Frédéric Frégevice.

This vase depicts the Pfaueninsel (Peacock Island) located in Wannsee near Berlin. Frederick William II already visited it as a retreat and had a palace built on its westernmost point, but Frederick William III also left his mark on the island and its surroundings with several building projects. In honour of his Russian son-in-law, he had the Blockhaus Nikolskoe chalet built in Russian log cabin style in 1819/20. The ground floor was intended as a residence for the sailors of the frigate “Royal Luise”, but in the upper floor he installed a tea room and a small overseer's apartment. Frederick William III showed the cabin to the grand princely couple Alexandra and Nikolaus for the first time in 1820. He noted numerous visits for tea at the Nikolskoe in his diary. This building appears to have been as popular an illustration in tourist guides as in porcelain.


The engraving by Frégevice illus. and painted on a Munich form vase in Raffinesse & Eleganz, Munich 2007, cat. 113.

Lot 161 Dα

10.000 € - 15.000 €

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