A round Berlin KPM porcelain tureen

A round Berlin KPM porcelain tureen

The finial formed as a little gardener boy with a basket of flowers surrounded by relief blooms. Blue sceptre mark, impressed 23, incised II. H 25.8 cm.
Ca. 1770/1773.

In 1768, Frederick II ordered a service for Berlin palace decorated with naturalistic flowers and gilt foliate edging. On 19.01.1770, this was followed by the placement of an order for a "Dinner and dessert service of gilt etched design, intended as a present from the King to Sweden, painted with flowers and a gilt foliate border". The recipient of this service was Queen Louise Ulrike of Sweden (1720 - 1782), who married the crown prince of Sweden in 1744. A third version of the design was sent as a subsequent order to Berlin palace in 1773. The present tureen was either part of the service for the Swedish court or the subsequent order.

Lot 21 Dα

3.500 € - 4.500 €

5.952 €