Hans Purrmann - Hafen von Porto d'Ischia

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Hans Purrmann - Hafen von Porto d'Ischia - image-1Hans Purrmann - Hafen von Porto d'Ischia - image-2

Hans Purrmann

Hafen von Porto d'Ischia
Circa 1924

Oil on canvas 55 x 65.5 cm Framed. Signed 'Purrmann' in red lower left.

Hans Purrmann's work resembles a painted diary. 1924: Views of Lake Constance from Langenargen are followed by Roman vedute, the coast at Sorrento and impressions of the harbour at Porto d'Ischia, the island's main town. There Purrmann apparently came to his destination - and to rest.
He was especially interested in the curve of the harbour, with its smaller sailing boats and exotic trees. In the series created that summer, these crystallise into moments of obvious yearning. The painter enjoyed this view down on to the harbour of Porto d'Ischia from his loggia and also dealt with the view that was so fascinating to him as a “picture within a picture”, so to speak (see comparative illus.).
Years later, Erhard Göpel described a visit to Hans Purrmann on Ischia: “He had taken both rooms whose windows open on to the harbour, because the tile-covered passageway between them is just wide enough to set up his easel. Its window presents a pre-composed view of the harbour. [...] Whichever of the two elongated rooms' windows you looked out of, the views they framed seemed familiar. They were all Purrmanns.” (ibid., Purrmann malt auf Ischia, in: Hans Purrmann. Die Farben des Südens, Petersberg 2015, pp. 38 f.)
In the range of light colours typical of 1924, the vegetation and water are immersed in glistening light, glazed by Purrmann in a delicately vibrating manner.

Catalogue Raisonné

Not recorded by Lenz/Billeter


With a written confirmation of authenticity by Felix Billeter, Starnberg, dated 1 February 2007 (photocopy); the paintingwill be included in the new edition of the catalogue raisonné (Archive no. 1392).


Swiss private possession; Lempertz Cologne, Auktion Moderne Kunst 932, 6 Dec. 2008, lot 347; Private collection, South Germany

Lot 327 D

60.000 € - 80.000 €