Fritz Klimsch - Frühling

Fritz Klimsch - Frühling - image-1
Fritz Klimsch - Frühling - image-1

Fritz Klimsch


Bronze Height 178.5 cm Monogrammed 'F K' and foundry mark "H. NOACK BERLIN" rear left on the irregularly shaped, cast-with plinth (5.3 x 36 x 29 cm). - Fine bronze-coloured patina, partially lightened. - Minimal linear rubbing to the torso.

“In spite of the arms' jubilantly striving upwards, the gentle melancholy of Mozart's May Song nonetheless resonates in 'Frühling'”, states Uli Klimsch in reference to his father's work (Uli Klimsch, Fritz Klimsch. Die Welt des Bildhauers, Berlin 1938, p. 66). The well-tempered dynamism of this nearly life-sized bronze really does seem to be imbued with a quiet musicality.
Along with music, the relationship between mankind and nature is among the recurrent themes in Fritz Klimsch's sculptural oeuvre. His preferred means to symbolise the diverse range of this relationship was the female nude. Not just “Frühling”, but also works such as “Frühlingsahnen” of 1923, “In der Sonne” of 1925/1926, “Sturm” of 1932, “In Wind und Sonne” of 1936 or “Sommertag” of 1937 (see Braun 116, 126, 159, 176, 184) impressively attest to his lasting occupation with this thematic complex.
Through fine nuances of gesture and pose, Klimsch is able to create subtle variations on a wide spectrum of feelings and moods: his “Frühling” is defined by a juvenile freshness and delicate elegance. With her head turned pensively to the side, the young woman's supple body seems to stretch gracefully towards the sun.

Catalogue Raisonné

Braun 134 (here with slightly divergent dimensions)


South German private collection (acquired from the art trade in the 1980s)


Uli Klimsch, Fritz Klimsch. Die Welt des Bildhauers, Berlin 1938, p. 66 with full-page illus. p. 73; Hermann Braun, Fritz Klimsch. Werke, Hannover 1980, no. 23 with full-page colour illus. p. 62


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