Dadamaino - Volume

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Dadamaino - Volume - image-1



Tempera on canvas. 70 x 50 cm. Framed. Signed, dated and titled 'Dadamaino Volume 1959' verso on canvas. - Minor traces of age.

“There is only one goal for the artist: to gain utmost freedom. It is regarded as imperative to overcome obstacles; material ones for the scientist, intellectual ones for the artist. Dada Maino went beyond the “question of painting”. Other dimensions inspire her work. Her paintings sail under the flag of a new world, loaded with new significance. They are not content with saying known things in “a different manner”. They say new things.” (Piero Manzoni, Einladung zur Ausstellung Dada Maino, Padua, Gruppo N, 1961, in: Stedelijk Museum i.a. (ed.), ZERO, Die internationale Kunstbewegung der 50er und 60er Jahre, , Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin 2015, p.295).
The Italian artist Edoarda Maino (Dadamaino) belongs to Galerie Azimuth founded by Piero Manzoni and Enrico Castellani, which made an appearance between 1959-1960. In a cycle of 12 exhibitions every six months, the organisation unites the trendsetting avant-guarde tendencies of the international art scene of the 1960s. The work of Lucio Fontana, the leading mind of the Azimuth group, probably had a particular influence on Dadamaino's art which is noticeable above all in the “volume” paintings emerging from 1958 onwards. With this series of works, Dadamaino creates a painting of an empty space by cutting oval shapes into the monochrome painted canvases exposing the view of the wall behind. The opening of the two-dimensional pictorial space produces dynamics within the art of painting and enables the picture to develop a spatial effect visualising the incoming light in form of an inner shadow.


The present work is registered under the number 185/10 in Archivio Dadamaino, Somma Lombardo.
Accompanied by a photo-certificate from Archivio Dadamaino, Somma Lombardo, dated 09.04.2010.


Private collection, Italy

Lot 623 D

45.000 € - 50.000 €