- Watanabe Nobukazu (1874-1944) and others

Watanabe Nobukazu (1874-1944) and others

a) Three ôban from the series Nisshin tôshô jikki, published 1892. Numbers 2, 3 and 6. War scenes in Manchuria. Signed: Ôju Nobukazu hitsu. Seal: toshidama. And three ôban triptychs. War scenes. By Watanabe Nobukazu and others. b) Ôban triptych. View into a house in which silk is produced. Signed: Fusatane ga. Seal. Publisher: Kiya Sôjirô. Censor and date: aratame, 7/1867. And unsigned ôban. Street fight in Yokohama. (8) Good impressions, mostly good colours, some blind printing, traces of usage, generally good conditions

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