An important Berlin KPM porcelain cup depicting the "Feilner Ofenfabrik"

An important Berlin KPM porcelain cup depicting the "Feilner Ofenfabrik"

Interior gilt. The depiction inscribed "Feilnersche Ofen-Fabrick in Berlin". With original saucer inscribed "Situations-Plan von der Feilnerschen Ofenfabrick. gewidmet dem Fabrick Besitzer Herrn Villeroy." Blue sceptre mark, red eagle stamp with "K.P.M.", blue Mars symbol.
1823 - 32.

The "Feilnersche Ofenfabrik" (Feilner Oven Factory) was located in the centre of Berlin, in what is now the junction between Alte Jakob- and Feilnerstraße. The factory rose to notoriety due to their cooperation with Karl Friedrich Schinkel, who is known to have designed ovens there as of 1808. They later produced architectural ceramics after designs by Schinkel, including pieces for the Friedrichwerdersche Church and the Kaiser-Wilhelm Palace. Schinkel constructed a house for Feilner, which was located on what was formerly Hasenheger Straße, from circa 1828 / 29. Tobias Feilner died on 7th April 1839, and the factory was later purchased by a certain Mr Villeroy (possibly Nicolas Villeroy), at an unknown date. The painter's mark allows the cup's decor to be dated between 1823 and 1832.


Private collection, Westphalia.


A further example in the collection of the Märkisches Museum in Berlin (illus. in: Köllmann, Berliner Porzellan, Braunschweig 1966, vol. I, p. 227).
On production in the oven factory, cf.: Matthias Hahn, Entwurf für einen Kachelofen, in: Virtuelles Berlin um 1800. Akademie der Bildenden Künste und Mechanischen Wissenschaften, Berlin-Brandenburg 2006, p. 1 ff.

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