Pablo Picasso - Buste au corsage à Carreaux

Pablo Picasso - Buste au corsage à Carreaux - image-1
Pablo Picasso - Buste au corsage à Carreaux - image-1

Pablo Picasso

Buste au corsage à Carreaux

Lithograph on wove paper with watermark "Arches" 56 x 44 cm (65 x 50.5 cm) Framed under glass. Signed in red chalk. Proof 7/50. Édition Galerie Louise Leiris, Paris.

From 1957 until 1958, seven variations of half-length portraits in profile of Jacqueline Roque in 2-3 printing states were created: "Buste de Profil", "Femme au Corsage à Fleurs", "Buste au Corsage à Carreaux", "Jacqueline lisant", "Femme au Chignon", "Jacqueline de Profil à droite", "Buste de Femme au Chignon" and "Jaqueline de Profil" (cf. Mourlot 306-311). They are testimony of the extreme scope of painting and drawing within Pablo Picasso's print oeuvre.
“We see a series of portraits, here, which were commenced on 16th December and which will be of great importance to Picasso. Multiple states of each of these plates brought forth remarkable prints. This series of portraits was continued, the zinc plates being sent back and forth between Paris and Cannes in order to meet the artist's demands. The plate 'Jacqueline im Profil' von rechts was modified to such an extent between the 1st and 3rd state that it was unrecognisable. I would like to underline the fact that actually merely one plate was used for all 3 states. On the evening of 27th December 1958, Picasso's right hand must have hurt as it is very difficult to engrave zinc, particularly as Picasso probably used an instrument which was not designated for this kind of work.” (Hélène Parmelin, in: Fernand Mourlot, Picasso Lithograph, Paris 1970, pp. 244, 247)

List of works

Bloch 849; Mourlot 308 I

Lot 228 D

25.000 € - 30.000 €

39.680 €