Otto Modersohn - Blick vom Weyerberg

Otto Modersohn

Blick vom Weyerberg

Oil on card, firmly laid down on a second card later on 35.2/35.5 x 56.2 cm Framed. Signed 'O. Modersohn' in black lower left and dated with blue brush lower right 'A 07' (August 1907). - Partly with slight rubbings and losses of colour in the margins of the minimally irregularly cut card; smaller compressions.


According to kind information by Rainer Noeres, Otto Modersohn Archiv Fischerhude, the present work is most proabably a preparatory drawing of a known larger oil painting (68 x 91.5 cm) of the same motif.


Formerly Rhenish private collection

Lot 325 Dα

8.000 €

9.920 €