Günther Uecker - Spirale I

Günther Uecker - Spirale I - image-1
Günther Uecker - Spirale I - image-1

Günther Uecker

Spirale I

Nails and latex paint on canvas on wood. 200 x 200 x 15 cm. Signed, dated and titled 'SPIRALE I Uecker '97' on wood verso, with dimensions and directional arrow. - Traces of studio.

Lot 467, Günther Uecker, and lot 468, Günther Uecker, will first be offered individually for sale and then offered together as one lot.

“Right from the outset, my own body played a role with regards to the proportions of my work. The intervals of the nails, for example, which I have used as a means of articulating light, had their origin in the proportion of my hands. The thickness of my fingers made up the intervals of the nails. The space in between was the proportion of my hand. The manageability of an object always stood in relation to physical dimensions. As is the case when shooting arrows, I repeatedly tried to relate my limited perception and my physical limits. I think that all these sensual dimensions have border areas, which could be called beauties. Based on human proportions, everything one does turns into something beautiful. So actually, for me, the human physique, again transmuted, always stood in the centre of attention. As I am educated in the depiction of man, I have repeatedly let the human body become transmutedly visible in a new dimension. So what I did then and what I do today is once more proof that it is actually the same as what I do. The only thing that is different about it is the transformation of one and the same cause”. (Guenther Uecker 1977, in: Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung (ed.), Günther Uecker, eine Retrospektive, exhib.cat., Munich 1993, not pag.).


directly from the artist; Galerie Hete Hünermann, Dusseldorf

Lot 467 R

700.000 € - 1.000.000 €