A Berlin KPM porcelain Neoclassical tête à tête

A Berlin KPM porcelain Neoclassical tête à tête

Of "Antikglatt" design. Comprising tray, two cups and saucers, three jugs, and a sugar box. With vermicule decor on cobalt ground and finely painted river landscapes en grisaille in the style of engraved copperplate prints. Blue sceptre mark, impressed numbers. The gilt decor of one tray slightly worn. W of tray 28.8, H of coffee pot 13 cm.
Circa 1795.


Purchased from Gerhard Röbbig, Munich.


An identical service with architecture in landscapes illus. in: Köllmann / Jarchow, Munich 1987, vol. 2, no. 422. A further service with floral decor en grisaille in the collection of the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (cat.: Berliner Porzellan des 18. Jahrhunderts, 1993, nos. 223 ff.)

Lot 337 Dα

2.500 € - 3.000 €

4.092 €