Antoine Pesne - Ladies Bathing by a Covered Gondola

Antoine Pesne

Ladies Bathing by a Covered Gondola

Oil on canvas. 27.3 x 37.8 cm.
Verso: A. Pesne.

The present work could be the piece listed as no. 10, entitled "Badende Mädchen, die belauscht werden", in Parthey's catalogue of Antoine Pesne's works, but this list lacks the dimensions. At the time the list was written in 1864, the work was kept in the Potsdam Stadtschloss. According to Dr. Franziska Windt (of the Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten Berlin-Brandenburg), no archival evidence of this painting exists. We would like to thank Professor Helmut Börsch-Supan for the following statement: "I know of no one in Pesne's circle to whom one could have given this painting. The description provided by Berckenhagen would fit it very well. The fact that this frivolous work was removed from the Potsdam Stadtschloss would correspond to the stylisation of Frederick II. Pesne must have painted other works like this." (in a letter from 14.02.2017, from the German).


Possibly from the Potsdamer Stadtschloss. - Private ownership, South Germany.


G. Parthey: Deutscher Bildersaal, Berlin 1864, p. 240 ff contains the first work catalogue of A. Pesne, as no. 10. - E. Berckenhagen, P. Colomibier, M. Kühn and G. Poensgen: Antoine Pesne, Berlin 1958, p. 205, no. 499.

Lot 379 Dα

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