A rare Berlin KPM porcelain group with Frederick II and his grand-nephew

A rare Berlin KPM porcelain group with Frederick II and his grand-nephew

A two-figure group depicting the royals on an oval plinth. Embossed "RIESE fecit 1800" to the back of the base, with blue sceptre mark and incised B to the underside. Firing cracks, three of the hands reattached, two fingers lost, the handle of the tennis racket broken off but included in the lot. H 36 cm.
Before 1837, modelled by Johann Karl Friedrich Riese, 1800.

Two years after Frederick II's death, the Berlin author Christoph Friedrich Nicolai published the "Anekdoten von König Friedrich II. von Preussen, und von einigen Personen, die um ihn waren" (Stettin, first published 1788). The present biscuit porcelain group, modelled by Johann Carl Friedrich Riese, is based on one the anecdotes in this collection. Frederick is said to have taken the ball from his grand-nephew, the later King Frederick William III, because his games were irritating him. To this affront, the boy apparently answered "your Majesty is to return that ball to me immediately!", at which Frederick replied "You're a good boy. They won't take Silesia from you again!", in reference to the Silesian wars.
The present group was mentioned in the memorial pamphlet published by Erzgräber in 1913 on occasion of the 150th anniversary of the manufactory due to its historical significance. This model (pre 1837) which is signed "RIESE fecit 1800" is also illustrated in the exhibition catalogue made for KPM's 250th anniversary in 2013.


Illus. in cat.: Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin 1763 - 2013, Petersberg 2013, no. 18.
A further example in Charlottenburg palace in: Köllmann, Braunschweig 1966, vol. 2, pl. 182 a).

Lot 426 Dα

4.000 € - 6.000 €

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