A Berlin KPM porcelain Munich form vase no. 3 with two handles

A Berlin KPM porcelain Munich form vase no. 3 with two handles

With ormolu mountings. Comprised of two large porcelain elements, the neck and body with handles held together at the shoulders by a foliate bronze ring. The fluted, screw-mounted bronze base with woven and foliate ornamental bands. Decorated with two large reserves with finely etched bronze frames bearing views of Berlin opera house and Berlin theatre. The section below the handles painted with two gold-green laurel wreaths with Prussian eagles over Neoclassical gold borders. No visible marks, the small wooden panel below the screw hand-inscribed "No. 6". One handle with an older, slightly yellowed restoration. H 78.5 cm. The vase will be sold together with a special custom-made marble base.
1830s, the gold decor attributed to Johann Heinrich Strack, the views probably after Carl Daniel Freydanck.

The royal account book contains the following entry for 4th April 1834 (from the German):
"For the Imperial Field Marshall Count Wittgenstein: 1st vase Munich form type 3 with two handles: with colouring: A view of the theatre and opera house in gold (frames), blue azure ground to both sides, therein arabesques and eagle in brown and gold alongside coloured and gold decor. 781 Reichstaler, 12 1/2 sgr. Bronze mountings. Screws ... 18 Reichstaler 17 1/2 Sgr." (Baer, p. 85).
This detailed description allows us to assume with considerable certainty that this is the vase described. Count Wittgenstein received a vase depicting two great cultural institutions, the theatre being the seminal work of the royal architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel, which was opened with great ceremony in 1821. Count Ludwig Adolph Peter zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (1769 - 1843) fought as a General Field Marshall of the Russian army for the Holy Alliance in the battle of Leipzig. William II raised him to the rank of Prince (Fürst) in 1834, and it is plausible that the vase was presented to him on this occasion.


Formerly the Preussag Collection.


For the transcription of the account book cf.: Baer / Baer, ... auf Allerhöchsten Befehl..., Berlin 1983, p. 85. A similar gilding design by Strack ibid. no. 3.

Lot 449 Dα

50.000 € - 80.000 €

130.200 €