A Berlin KPM porcelain dessert plate with a view of "Berlinchen"

A Berlin KPM porcelain dessert plate with a view of "Berlinchen"

Inscribed in black to the reverse "Berlinchen". Blue sceptre mark, red imperial orb mark, gold painter's mark "K", year letter B for 1902. Signed within the depiction "JMenzel". Diameter 23.5 cm.
Fired 1902. Decorated by Julius Menzel before 1905.

These four pieces are part of a series of topographical plates presented by minor Prussian towns to the Crown Princely couple William of Prussia and Cecilie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin on occasion of their marriage on 6th June 1905. The Pompadour-form plate is based on a Meissen prototype and the design was greatly loved by the imperial family. A extensive series of 93 porcelain plates painted with imperial palaces and memorials by Julius Menzel can be viewed in Haus Doorn.

Der Form des Pompadourtellers liegt eine älteres Vorbild aus Meißen (Brühlscher Durchbruch) zugrunde, den auch schon Gotzkowsky kopierte. Der uns vorliegende Teller wurde als "Ersatz für ein altes schiefes Modell" im Oktober 1898 mit dem neuen Namen wieder aufgelegt.


Mentioned in: Cat. Kaiserlicher Kunstbesitz aus dem holländischen Exil Haus Doorn, Berlin 1991, no. 341.

Lot 536 Dα

1.000 € - 1.200 €

1.736 €