A small Meissen porcelain tureen from the Swan Service

A small Meissen porcelain tureen from the Swan Service

Oval dish. The original lid with shell relief and scattered "indianische blumen". The finial formed as a group of three putti with white garlands surrounding a swan. The figures picked out with subtle decor in iron red, brown, and black. Both sides bear the arms of alliance of Count Heinrich Brühl and Countess Anna Franziska of Kolowrat-Krakowský. With gilt edging to the rims. Blue crossed swords mark. The figural group restored. H 20, W 16.5, D 13.9 cm.
Ca. 1739 - 40, modelled by Johann Joachim Kaendler and Johann Friedrich Eberlein, 1739.

This tureen has been associated with an entry in Kaendler's workshop records from July 1739: "The smallest version of the tureen for his excellence Count Brühl, moulded and cut in clay and ready for forming". The commission for this service was placed in 1734, and Kaendler began working on designs for plates as of 1736. Count Brühl became head director of the manufactory in August 1739, and the complete service was produced in the following years. It grew to astounding proportions (around 2000 pieces), and was constantly extended through the addition of new figural pieces. The theme of water fauna and shellwork was fancifully elaborated on to create a service which is considered the high-point of Baroque porcelain design.


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Lot 823 Dα

40.000 € - 60.000 €

94.240 €