A gadrooned Meissen Böttger porcelain beaker and saucer

A gadrooned Meissen Böttger porcelain beaker and saucer

Of cylindrical form, with concave gilt gadrooned mouldings and fine symmetrical foliage to the outer body of the beaker, the saucer with corresponding decor. Interior of beaker gilt. The centre of the saucer with a raised ring for stability. Unmarked. A chip to the basal rim of the beaker. H 8.2, D saucer 13.5 cm
Presumably before 1719, the gilding attributed to George Funcke.


The 1719 inventory of the royal storehouse lists "12 gadrooned chocolate beakers with saucers, finely gilt inside and out" which Claus Boltz assumes to refer to this form (Steinzeug und Porzellan der Böttgerperiode - Die Inventare und die Ostermesse des Jahres 1719 , in Keramos 167/168/2000, p. 42). The fineness of the decor implies that this piece probably originates from a courtly order, so that we can say with relative certainty that this beaker was part of this order.

Lot 1452 Dα

8.000 € - 10.000 €

10.540 €