A Meissen porcelain model of a wild boar

A Meissen porcelain model of a wild boar

Blue crossed swords mark under the back right trotter. One tusk reattached. H 7.5 cm.
Presumably ca. 1746 - 47, modelled by Johann Joachim Kaendler.

Kaendler's workshop records mention him forming a female boar twice in June and August of 1747. He also formed a boar hunting group in July of this year at the behest of August III.


Former C.H. Fischer Collection, Dresden
Sold by J.M. Heberle (H. Lempertz´ Söhne) 22nd - 25th October 1906, lot 127
German aristocratic ownership


S. Pietsch (ed.), Arbeitsberichte, Leipzig 2002, p. 119 f.
Cf. the (possibly matching) sow in the catalogue: Porzellan Parforce, Munich 2005, no. 31.

Lot 1655 Dα

3.000 € - 4.000 €

3.720 €