Anneliese Hager - Photogram

Anneliese Hager - Photogram - image-1
Anneliese Hager - Photogram - image-1

Anneliese Hager

1945 - 1949

Vintage photogram on gelatin silver paper. 23.6 x 17.7 cm. Titled and handwritten photographer's adress in ink on the verso. - The lower right corner with small fold. Matted.

Motivated by the works of László Moholy-Nagy, Anneliese Hager, poet and photographer, experimented with photogram techniques as from the mid 1930s. After the end of World War II, she married her second husband, the painter Karl Otto Götz, and they both became members of the artist group CoBrA in 1948. The poetic appearance of her photograms, open for association, served among other things, as illustrations for her poems.


Private collection, Paris

Lot 71 D

1.200 €

2.976 €