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Edward Cucuel - Goldener Herbst

Modern Art  01.12.2017, 18:00 - 01.12.2017, 21:00

Estimate: 45.000 € - 48.000 €
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Edward Cucuel

Goldener Herbst

Oil on canvas 80 x 65.5 cm Framed. Signed 'Cucuel' in black lower left. Additionally signed and dated 'Goldener Herbst' in black verso on stretcher. - In fine condition with vibrant colours. Some minute losses of colour.

The American painter Edward Cucuel, who lived and worked first in Berlin and later in Munich, owned a house with a studio on the shores of Lake Starnberg, where he created many of his works. The painting on offer can likewise be understood as having arisen in the park-like shoreline along the lake. Standing immediately next to a group of trees, a tall young lady, who fills the entire format and wears a floor-length white dress, looks directly at the viewer. The attributes so characteristic of Cucuel's work, such as the light-blue scarf and the large hat, are included here, too and heighten the sense of elegance the woman thus portrayed exudes. She holds a branch in full autumnal leaf in her hands in an almost tender gesture. The entire ground is covered in leaves, which together with those on the tree as good as embrace the young woman. The allure of this “Indian Summer” - the Goldener Herbst of the title - stems not least from the mutually amplifying contrast between the iridescent, cool white and blue hues in the lady's clothing and the warm yellow and orange shades of the foliage. The colours in Cucuel's painting appear extremely vivid through his use of both brushwork and pallet knife.


With a certificate from Helmut Krause, Mörfelden-Walldorf, dated 7 July 2017.
The painting will be included in the catalogue raisonné of the works by Edward Cucuel.


Private possession, Hesse