August Gaul - Gehender Esel

August Gaul - Gehender Esel - image-1
August Gaul - Gehender Esel - image-1

August Gaul

Gehender Esel

Bronze Height 9.9 cm. Mounted on black marble base (13 x 5.5 x 2 cm) Signed 'A. Gaul' on the cast-with plinth back right, and foundry mark "H.NOACK BERLIN" on right plinth side. - Reddish-brown patina, partially slightly green oxidation on lower throat and chin area. Minor chip to the base.

According to Ernst Barlach's and Tilla Durieux' recollections, the Gaul family had owned a donky since 1907. It was a gift from August Gaul's gallerist Paul Cassirer and primarily intended to be the pet of his son Peter. The sculptor probably was inspired by this animal for the series of six small-scale donkeys on offer here.
'In a series of six works, Gaul payfully studied the donkey's every movement for his motifs. Four sculptures of this series called 'Eselei' were presented at the Berlin Secession of 1911 for the first time; the other two were only on offer at the gallery [Cassirer] from August 1912 and November 1913 respectively. [...] According to a meeting of the board of trustees in November 1921, thirty posthumous casts should have been produced.' Gabler elaborates further on the edition of the individual motifs that 'some casts' were of 'a later date'. (Josephine Gabler, August Gaul, Das Werkverzeichnis der Skulpturen, Berlin 2007, p. 154)
The offer of all six donkeys in the complete series 'Eselei' is very rare.

Catalogue Raisonné

Gabler 158


Galerie Rosenbach, Hanover; Private collection, Baden-Württemberg


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