Anton Hiller - Gehende

Anton Hiller


Bronze Height 163 cm One of three known casts. The other two are located in the collection of Stiftung Maria und Fritz König, Skulpturenmuseum im Hofberg, Landshut, and in the garden of Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau, Munich. - Bronze-coloured patina with greenish traces of oxidation due to an exterior installation.

The artist Anton Hiller pertains to the most important representatives of the Munich School of sculpture of the mid 1920s. Influenced by the Neoclassicism of his teacher Hermann Hahn at first, Hiller's artistic search is characterised by the endeavour to overcome traditional notions of sculpture and to attain the archetype of man. In its reduced austerity, "Gehende" heralds exactly this awakening on the threshold of figuration and abstraction.

List of works

H. Hiller 88 (Here with a height of 155 cm, excluding the cast-with plinth)


Private possession, South Germany


Herbert Griebitzsch, Der Bildhauer Anton Hiller, Munich, in: Die Kunst für Alle, 59. yr. 1944; p. 110 with illus. (this version in cement); Paul Anselm Riedl, Anton Hiller. Bildwerke und Zeichnungen, Sigmaringen 1976, cat. no. 8, p. 36 with full-page colour illus.; Skulpturenmuseum im Hofberg (ed.), Fritz König. Meine Arche Noah, Munich 2004, cat. no. 35, p. 64 with full-page colour illus.

Lot 411 Dα

25.000 € - 30.000 €

99.200 €