A Berlin KPM porcelain coffee pot

A Berlin KPM porcelain coffee pot

Of pear-shaped form with large domed lid and floral finial. Decorated to both sides with rural scenes, presumably based on Francesco Zucarelli's "Paysages" series; the size and polychromy inspired by Meissen designs. Blue sceptre mark, impressed 3 and i. H 20.7 cm.
Ca. 1770 - 75.


Purchased from Mischell art dealers, Cologne.


For the designs and a very similar service made in the factory of the Berlin merchant Johann Ernst Gotzkowsky, the predecessor of Royal Berlin, cf.: Baer et alii, Von Gotzkowsky zur KPM, Berlin 1986, G 2373 and no. P 6.

Lot 34 Dα

1.500 € - 2.000 €

6.750 €