A Meissen porcelain tea bowl with the coat-of-arms of King Christian VI of Denmark

A Meissen porcelain tea bowl with the coat-of-arms of King Christian VI of Denmark

Of conical section with slightly flared lip. Decorated with a gilt cartouche picked out in purple lustre surrounding a garden landscape scene. The monogram of Christian VI beneath a crown in gold picked out in red to verso. The sides decorated with "indianische blumen" on trellis, the centre with large palm fronds. The centre of the saucer with the large coat-of-arms against a drapery and beneath a large crown, the underside decorated with flowering sprigs and a bird. All edges gilt. Blue crossed swords mark, both pieces with gold painter's mark 1., mass mark /. H 4.4, diameter saucer 12.8 cm.
Ca. 1730 - 35.

It is not known how extensive this service originally was, and very little is known today of its history. It is presumed that Augustus II - called Augustus the Strong - King of Poland and Elector of Saxony sent the service to King Christian VI as a coronation present. Following his death in 1746, the service fell into the possession of his wife Sophie Magdalene of Brandenburg-Kulmbach, Queen of Denmark (1700 - 1770). It was sold in 1797 after a fire in Christiansborg Palace in 1795.


Purchased from Röbbig art dealers, Munich.


A further tea bowl from a North German private collection (purchased in Christie's London, 1st December 1986), sold in Lempertz auction 919 on 16th May 2008, lot 45.
A third tea bowl from this order in cat. Sammlung Hoffmeister, vol. II, Hamburg 1999, no. 312.
Hoffmeister researched the following: "The service was in possession of the Danish royal family until shortly before the end of the 18th century, it was sold in 1797 and owned by an as yet unknown family for almost 200 years" (p. 488, from the German).

Lot 4 Dα

6.000 € - 8.000 €

14.850 €