A Berlin KPM porcelain plate with a depiction of a Prussian artillery corps

A Berlin KPM porcelain plate with a depiction of a Prussian artillery corps

Model no. 1113. Decorated with a finely painted battle scene showing a Prussian artillery corps firing a round. The border decorated with an etched gold laurel wreath and a red border with Prussian eagles and lyres flanked by cornucopias. Blue sceptre mark, impressed 27, incised III, black owner's monogram E.A.F.C., label with inventory no. 668. D 24.1 cm.
Ca. 1813.

Primarily at the instigation of General von Scharnhorst, the Prussian army underwent a process of renewal beginning in 1807, which culminated in the introduction of general conscription in 1813. In the 1813 Spring campaign, the Prussian army could boast a total of around 300,000 men. The political events of the early 19th century led to an increased demand for porcelain with patriotic motifs. Six huge services were made to honor the generals of the liberation wars, as well as services decorated with an entirely new style of battle scene, depicting the soldiers as large figures with detailed uniforms. Royal Berlin thus paid hommage not only to King Frederick William III's love of uniforms, but also to the general patriotic mood and pride in the army that defined the age.


Schloss Marienburg near Hannover, Ernst August Fidei Commis.
Auctioned by Sotheby´s, Hanover sale, October 2005, lot 2318.


Cf. a further plate from this series in cat.: Raffinesse und Eleganz, Munich 2007, no. 124.
An identical plate noted as war loss in the ceramics collection of KPM Berlin, illus. in ibid. p. 383.

Lot 172 Dα

10.000 € - 15.000 €

11.160 €