A large Berlin KPM porcelain vase

A large Berlin KPM porcelain vase

Model no. 9205a. Decorated on two sides with large bouquets, a wreath around the edge of the lid, and alternating green and gold lancets to the shoulders. Blue sceptre mark, red imperial orb mark, year letter L, impressed marks. H 55 cm.
1911, modelled by Martin Fritzsche, April 1909, the decor attributed to Willy Stanke or R. Strauß.


The Giese Family Collection.


A vase with similar decor, the finial formed as a figure of Spring (model no. 9205) in cat.: Porzellan, Böhan-Museum, Berlin 1993, no. 184.

Lot 328 Dα

2.000 € - 3.000 €

2.976 €