A Berlin KPM porcelain perfume burner

A Berlin KPM porcelain perfume burner

Oval perfume container with pierced lid and floral finial above an oval burner. Painted with naturalistic flowers. Blue sceptre mark, impressed nos. 2 and 0. Minor restorations to the tips of the floral appliques, minor chips throughout and to the basal ring, the lid of the burner lost. H 17 cm.
Ca. 1765 - 70.


Private collection, Berlin.


A version painted with putti in: Lenz, Reprint Berlin 1991, vol. I, pl. 52, illus. 219. A white porcelain example illus. in: Köllmann, Braunschweig 1966, vol. II, pl. 52 b.

Lot 66 Dα

1.500 € - 2.000 €

1.860 €