A portrait miniature of Frederick II of Prussia

A portrait miniature of Frederick II of Prussia

Gouache on ivory half-figure portrait of the King standing by a table wearing a Prussian uniform. In a gilt copper setting mounted in a velvet covered frame. Signed and dated lower right: "Peint par Diemar 1765". Examined in the (unopened) frame. 6.2 x ca. 8 cm (depiction).
Nathaniel Diemar, Berlin, 1765.

This detailed portrait in a dotted style depicts the King in the characteristic pose of a statesman and general in a palatial interior. The miniaturist and engraver Nathaniel Diemar belonged to a family of artists and was active in Berlin. He was an honorary member of the Prussian Academy of the Arts in Berlin from 1783 - 1784.


Berlin Private Collection.


For this artist cf.: Schidlof, The Miniature in Europe, Graz 964, I, p. 204.

Lot 68 Dα

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