A Meissen porcelain bowl with rare heraldic decor

A Meissen porcelain bowl with rare heraldic decor

Decorated with a rare coat-of-arms with palm fronds surrounding two lions rampant holding aloft a wreath on an enamel blue field. The back decorated with a large and finely painted Chinoiserie scene. Additional Chinoiseries in four reserves to the inner rim, a medallion with Oriental flowers reserved on an iron red trelliswork field to the well. Enamelled crossed swords mark. H 9, D 17.4 cm.
Ca. 1726, the Chinoiseries attributed to Johann Gregorius Hoeroldt.


Continental family ownership.


For the exact date cf. a bowl with highly similar Chinoiseries dated 7th May 1726 in the Davids Collection in Copenhagen (in: Lassen, Meissen Porcelaen, Copenhagen 1985, p. 90 ff).

Lot 732 Nα

8.000 € - 9.000 €

24.800 €