Henri Matisse - Jeune femme assise

Henri Matisse

Jeune femme assise
Circa 1908-1910

Pencil drawing on smooth chamois-coloured drawing paper 31.4 x 24.1 cm Framed under glass. Signed 'Henri Matisse' lower right and inscribed "px" in an unknown hand left. - A short restored tear in upper margin.

“The drawings of Matisse, his works - they speak for themselves. They are not a means of recuperation or a substitute occupation for the hand when fatigue or other circumstances prevent it from painting. Nor does his drawing stand in relation to his painting in a subordinate relationship in the sense of the 'Study for …'. […] The connection between drawing and painting is more complex in the case of Matisse. Initially the graphic study was assigned an aesthetic significance that was sufficient unto itself - usually even in cases where the drawing prepared the way for a painting that is also known and we are thus able to judge the possible compositional contribution of the painting relative to the drawing. Matisse was already aware of this very early on, because he was already presenting drawings at his very first exhibitions. And his first great admirers - from Gertrude Stein to Jacques Doucet, from Marcel Sembat to Gustave Fayet - knew this, as they bought them without hesitation.” (Dominique Fourcade, in: Henri Matisse: Zeichnungen und Skulpturen, exhib. cat. Saarland-Museum Saarbrücken 1991, p. 25).


Wanda de Guébriant, Paris, has confirmed the work to the previous owner.
We would like to thank Wanda de Guébriant, Archives Matisse, Paris, für freundliche Informationen.


Acquired from the artist by the Parisian art dealer Jacquart (1928); Walter P. Chrysler Jr., New York (1941); E. Weyhe, New York (1974); Private collection, New York; Christie's New York, 7 Nov. 2007, lot 219; Private possession; Christie's London 19 Jun. 2013, Impressionist/Modern Works on Paper, lot 165; Private possession England


Richmond/Philadelphia 1941 (Virginia Museum of Fine Art/Philadelphia Museum of Art), Exhibition of the Collection of Walter P. Chrysler Jr., no. 132 (frame label verso)

Lot 260 D

25.000 € - 30.000 €

31.000 €