- Kawanabe Kyôsai (1831–1889)

Kawanabe Kyôsai (1831–1889)

Ôban triptych. Title: Kyôkaku no Yamato tamashii meifu ni oite dai môyû wo arawasu. Fight between Kongo no Mikoto and the heavily tattooed Konjin Chôgorô before an audience comprising wrestlers, mythological figures, figures from the underworld. In the background, ghostly figures are looking on over a curtain. Signed: Hata Kyôsha ga. Publisher: Yamagochiya Tôbei. Censor and date: aratame, 4/1864. Good impression, colours a bit faded, slightly rubbed and soiled on right sheet, several small restoration, margins a bit trimmed, right sheet backed


Collector’s seal Japan Gallery on verso

Lot 583 Dα

800 € - 1.000 €

1.736 €