Emy Roeder - Bildnis Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

Emy Roeder

Bildnis Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

Bronze sculpture Height 31.5 cm Monogrammed and dated 'E. R. 59' on the back of the neck. - Reddish-brown patina, partially with green oxidation.

The portrait head of Schmidt-Rottluff offered here is part of a small series of likenesses Emy Roeder created of her friends Purrmann and Heckel. According to Gerke, this version of Schmidt-Rottluff is the last of the three variations developed beginning in 1955 (see Friedrich Gerke, Emy Roeder: Eine Werkbiographie, Wiesbaden 1963, pp. 79 f.; nos. 72 and 73). The Museum im Kulturspeicher Würzburg, whose collection also contains our version, has since become aware of a total of five versions in bronze and intermediate stages in plaster.

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Gerke 76


We would like to thank Henrike Holsing, Museum im Kulturspeicher Würzburg, for additional scientific advice.


Acquired directly from the artist by the previous owner; in family possesion since, North Germany


Der Holz- und Steinbildhauer 1954, issue 2, p. 51; Weltkunst 25, 1955, no. 9, p. 18; Das neue Mainz 1956, issue 9; Omnibus (Braunschweiger Studentenzeitung) 1959, issue 1, p. 7; Hanover 12, 1962, issue 3


I.a. Frankfurt 1954 (Haus des Kunsthandwerks), Deutscher Künstlerbund, 4th exhibition, cat. no. 261; Duisburg 1959 (Städtisches Kunstmuseum), Marg Moll - Emy Roeder - Johanna Schütz-Wolff, cat. no. 78 (1958 version); Baden-Baden 1960 (Staatliche Kunsthalle), Alfred Lörcher - Gabriele Münter - Emy Roeder, cat no. 156

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