A small Berlin KPM porcelain urn with a view of Munich made for Crown Princess Elisabeth

A small Berlin KPM porcelain urn with a view of Munich made for Crown Princess Elisabeth

Model no. 1005, Redensche Vase No. 0. Fired in two parts and screw mounted. Decorated with two large reserves framed by Neoclassical tendrils to the upper section. Blue sceptre mark. H 21.5 cm.

The wedding of the Prussian Crown Prince Frederick William and the Bavarian Princess Elisabeth Ludovika took plate on 16th November 1823. They were married according to Catholic ritual per procurationem in the court chapel of the Munich Residence. The bride then travelled to Berlin with her retinue, passing through numerous gates erected in her honour. The last of which was that depicted here at the newly constructed Schlossbrücke in Berlin, which she passed through on 28th November 1823. This plate depicts the gate as a rondel comprised of twelve columns crowned by figures of Victoria and decorated with wreaths and orange trees.
Gates of honour like these had previously been constructed for Queen Louise's marriage to Frederick William III. Court protocol stipulated that the Princess was to be received by the city magistrate. The whole of Berlin was lit up for the occasion and food was donated to the poor and needy.


Purchased in 2004 through Diana Huntley.


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