A Berlin KPM porcelain plate with botanical decor

A Berlin KPM porcelain plate with botanical decor

Model no. 1113. Decorated to the centre with a botanical motif inscribed below "Gladiolus Floribundus Cap de bonne espérance." on a pale ground. Bordered by a flowering tendril. Blue sceptre mark with blue dash below, St: in gold, impressed 15. D 24.2 cm.
Circa 1803 - 13.

This plate was made in connection with the order for the French Empress Joséphine which KPM produced between 1806 and 1807. The centres of each of the plates were painted with a naturalistic flower based on contemporary botanical prints in the highest quality the manufactory could achieve. The borders were painted with classical ornaments on chamois coloured ground. The undersides of the plates are all inscribed with the botanical names of the plants depicted in black handwriting. The French court provided detailed instructions on how the decor should look, including an exact list of all the plants to be depicted.

Lot 54 Dα

2.000 € - 3.000 €

4.750 €