A Sèvres porcelain plate from the Marly d´or service

A Sèvres porcelain plate from the Marly d´or service

"Assiette plate" model painted with a panorama labelled "Bords du Rhin Ruines près de Rudeheim." with a beaded border and burnished gold palmettes. Red stamped mark M.Imp.le de Sevres 1811, gilt painter's mark, incised Lo. Restored crack. D 24 cm.

The "Marly d'or" service was begun in 1805 and produced until the Restoration of the Monarchy in 1814. Like KPM's wedding services for the daughters of Frederick William III, the plates in this service were also decorated with differing motifs for the various courses, including genre scenes, mythological subjects, allegories, birds, and landscapes. The borders are etched with the same décor throughout, a typical trait of Sèvres services during this era. In 1809, Napoleon presented several pieces from this service to King Frederick August I of Saxony, which are still housed in the Porcelain Collection in Dresden to this day. Prince Schwarzenberg, the Austrian ambassador, also received several plates from the service in 1812. It's possible this plate is from the last delivery.


Lower Saxon private collection.


Other panorama plates from this service in: Loesch, Die Napoleonische Schenkung 1809 Französisches Porzellan in Dresden, Dresden 1992, no. 32 f.

Lot 201 Dα

1.500 € - 2.000 €

1.875 €