A Berlin KPM porcelain plate inscribed "Historia"

A Berlin KPM porcelain plate inscribed "Historia"

Unidentified model. With a female allegory of history with a large book and a globe in an octagonal reserve. The border with small still lifes in reserves. Signed "L.C. Frenzel." Blue sceptre mark with circle, red imperial orb mark, "er." in ochre, incised II. D 24.3 cm.
Circa 1870, decor attributed to Ludwig Carl Frenzel.


Lower Saxon private collection.


For more on Frenzel cf.: Neuwirth, Porzellanmaler-Lexikon, vol. I, Braunschweig 1977, p. 285. This author has traced the artist to Nymphenburg from 1906 - 1922.

Lot 269 Dα

1.000 € - 1.500 €

2.000 €