A Berlin KPM porcelain sweetmeats basket from a royal service

A Berlin KPM porcelain sweetmeats basket from a royal service

Model no. 216. Oval dish with flowers and relief and ribbon tied branch handles. The trelliswork picked out in blue, decorated to the centre with a bouquet of naturalistic flowers. Blue sceptre mark, illegible impressed mark, incised I. Minor chips to the flowers and foliage. D 26.1 cm.
Circa 1765 - 70.

The model of this large oval dessert basket is identical to that used in two particularly exquisite dinner services which Friedrich II commissioned as royal gifts in 1765/66. One was presented to Prince Josef Wenzel von Liechtenstein (1696 - 1772) and the other to General de la Motte Fouqué (1698 - 1774), both in 1766. The extensive services decorated with reliefs and finely painted flowers were both enthusiastically received. This dessert basket with its varied décor, gilding, coloured exterior, and moulded flowers can be stylistically linked to these gifts and may have been made in connection with them.


Cf. items from the service for the Prince of Liechtenstein with an identical basket in: Köllmann/Jarchow, Berliner Porzellan, Munich 1987, text vol., p. 152, no. 88.

Lot 28 Dα

3.000 € - 4.000 €

4.500 €