A Berlin KPM porcelain cup commemorating the German Campaign

A Berlin KPM porcelain cup commemorating the German Campaign

"Konisch" model with Campana handles and original saucer. The Prussian eagle with the Iron Cross in a gilt surround, the saucer decorated with a depiction of the Quadriga, inscribed "Paris am 31sten März 1814". Blue sceptre mark, red imperial orb mark, black Iron Cross inscribed 1813 - 1913, black 103/103, 70 and B., blue Bi, year letter P, impressed marks.

At the end of the German Campaign, Prussian troops marched into Paris on 31st March 1814. Shortly after, General Blücher reported to Berlin that the Quadriga statue from Brandenburg Gate had been found and would be returned immediately. The return of Schinkel's sculpture became something of a triumphal procession through the reconquered regions. This cup commemorates the 100 year anniversary of its return in the light of WWI. The form and decor of the jubilee cup of 1814 were copied exactly.


Lower Saxon private collection.


An early, identical cup in: Köllmann/Jarchow, Berliner Porzellan, Munich 1987, illus. volume, illus. 458.

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