A pair of Berlin KPM porcelain vases with views of Berlin

A pair of Berlin KPM porcelain vases with views of Berlin

"Französische vase" model with rosette handles, fired in two parts and screw-mounted. Both sides with finely painted views, the necks inscribed "Das Königl: Schloß in Berlin." and "Das Königl: Palais in Berlin." and "Die Werdersche Kirche in Berlin." and "Die Sternwarte in Berlin." The ground decorated with gilt trelliswork and stylised flower and leaf motifs, the upper faces of the plinths with arabesques. Blue sceptre mark, red imperial orb mark. Replaced screw mountings. H 48.5 cm.
Circa 1842.

The depiction of the royal palace is based on a painting by Carl Daniel Freydanck from 1842 which is now housed in Charlottenburg Palace. The view depicts the south eastern corner of the palace seen from Burgstrasse from a slightly lowered viewpoint. Parts of the east wing of the palace, which faces the Spree, originate from the reign of Prince Elector Joachim II (1535 - 71). The southern façade that faces towards Schlossplatz was redesigned by Andreas Schlüter in the early 18th century. This view does not yet show the mighty dome on the western façade which Schlüter erected between 1845 - 1853. The mid ground is dominated by the Long Bridge built by Nering in 1692 - 95 with the equestrian statue of the great prince elector which now stands in front of the Charlottenburg Palace.
The building currently known as the Crown Prince's Palace is located on Unter den Linden and was built as a private residence in the 17th century. It was refurbished for the then Crown Prince and later King Frederick II in 1732. The later King Frederick William III lived there as of 1793 and he retained it as a city residence following his ascent to the throne. Thus the building retained the moniker of Crown Prince's Palace until his death. The view depicted on this vase shows the palace with the bridge-like construction designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel connecting it to the neighbouring Crown Princess' Palace on the right. To the left we see the Zeughaus designed by Schinkel and Nering. The Crown Prince's Palace was rebuilt and extended in 1856.
The Friedrichswerdersche Kirche was commissioned by the later King Friedrich Wilhelm IV from Karl Friedrich Schinkel, and constructed on the place of its predecessor from 1821 - 1830. The architect was not able to convince the Crown Prince of his Neoclassical design, and the latter insisted on a Neo-Gothic style. In the foreground we see the Werdersche Markt, formerly the Kälbermarkt.
The view of the Sternwarte also follows the composition of a painting by Carl Daniel Freydanck (1838, now in Charlottenburg Palace). In the place of the old Sternwarte of the Akademie der Wissenschaften in Dorotheenstraße, a new one was constructed on Encke-Platz after designs by Schinkel from 1832 - 1835. This view shows the building's façade seen from the south west, with painted joints to imitate brickwork. The Sternwarte was demolished in 1913.


From a Netherlandish private collection.
Lempertz Berlin auction 906, 23rd May 2007, lot 67.

Lot 111 Dα

30.000 € - 40.000 €

41.250 €