A Berlin KPM porcelain plate from the wedding service of Princess Charlotte

A Berlin KPM porcelain plate from the wedding service of Princess Charlotte

"Antikglatt" model with beaded rim. The well painted with a depiction of the Gothic cathedral of Magdeburg, completed in 1207, with figures in the foreground. With gilt etched acanthus border. Blue sceptre mark with iron red dash, black x, impressed 25, incised III. D 24.4 cm.

On occasion of the marriage of his daughter Princess Charlotte of Prussia (1798 - 1816) to the Russian Grand Prince and later Tsar Nicholas I on 19th July 1917, Frederick William III ordered an extensive dinner service from the manufactory which was delivered in 1823. The service encompassed 100 dinner plates with vedutas, flowers, micromosaics, and hunt themed decor, as well as 30 soup bowls with beaded borders painted with bouquets of flowers and churches. All pieces were richly gilt.


Acquired in 1998 from Diana Huntley.


Wittwer (ed.), Raffinesse & Eleganz, Munich 2007, no. 104b. The quote from the archives on p. 330 (SPSG, KPM-Archiv, Land Berlin, Pret 2, Eintrag vom 17. April 1823, p. 96 - 99). The KPM archives house an ink and wash drawing by an unknown hand showing a view of Magdeburg Cathedral seen from the north upon which this plate could have been based. However, the drawing features different architecture and a tree-lined street (inv. no. Z 73).


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Refinement & Elegance - Early 19th-Century Royal Porcelain from an American private collection, New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 9th September 2008 - 19th April 2009

Lot 115 Dα

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