A Berlin KPM porcelain biscuit box

A Berlin KPM porcelain biscuit box

Model no. 7315, fired in two parts with removable lid. Both sides painted with moths, hydrangea flowers in relief above the handles, maple seeds in relief to the concave border. Blue sceptre mark, red imperial orb mark, black 9425, gilt 28., green 63, illegible underglaze blue marks, model no. 7315, year letter C. H 16.4 cm.
1903, designed by Emil Rutte, decor designed by Adolf Flad.

This biscuit box is a characteristic and outstanding example of Berlin Jugendstil design. It rightfully decorates the back cover of Irene von Treskow's legendary catalogue in which, following years of archival research, she was able to document every model number from 1896 - 1914. The piece was fired in two parts - the box and stand are fired together and the perfectly fitted domed lid with its curved handle was fired separately. Quite apart from its impressive lobed design, the box exemplifies all the techniques which KPM had perfected by 1900 and which had catapulted them to becoming one of the world's leading producers of technically exacting porcelain: Mass painting, durable gilt relief, fine enamel décor, and faux gemstone cabochons.


Eberhard Giese, Cologne.
Lempertz Berlin auction 922 on 24th May 2008, lot 212.


A further identical biscuit box illus. in: Köllmann, Braunschweig 1966, vol. 2, pl. 247b (former collection of W. Weick, Berlin) and the same piece in: Treskow, Die Jugendstil-Porzellane der KPM Berlin, Munich 1971, no. 32 (also illus. on the back cover).

Lot 26 Dα

15.000 € - 20.000 €

18.750 €