A Berlin KPM porcelain vase with Prussian soldiers and a view of Blücherplatz in Breslau

A Berlin KPM porcelain vase with Prussian soldiers and a view of Blücherplatz in Breslau

With ormolu mountings. Model “Vase glatt mit glattem gebogenem Henkel am Kessel“, fired in two parts and screw-mounted. The original base with a gilt metal plaque to the upper section. The display side decorated with a finely painted depiction of a soldier standing under a tree with cavalrymen, a battle scene partially shrouded in gun-powder blasts, and an encampment in the distance. The reverse painted with a view of the Alte Börse on Blücherplatz in Breslau. Both depictions framed by gilt palmettes on matte gilded ground. Each side with a bundle of gilt etched trophies above the scroll handles. The belly of the vase with a gilt etched oak wreath, the base with ivy and clover flowers. The square plinth with a standard to the display side inscribed "ANDENKEN DER ELFTEN DIVISION", the reverse with a round medallion supported by two soldiers inscribed "OHNE KAMPF KEIN SIEG". Blue sceptre mark, brown imperial eagle mark. The base additionally impressed 88 and incised II. H 52.5, D 34, with base H 72 cm.
Circa 1823, the decor attributed to Johann Eusebius Anton Forst.

The image on the display side of this vase shows soldiers of the VI Army Corps, 11th Division, which was stationed in Breslau. We can recognise the uniforms of privates and sergeants in the foreground, and cavalrymen and hussars in the background. The motif of soldiers on Blücherplatz in Breslau beside the Blücher monument suggests that this vase may have been commissioned by the King as a present for a former member of the 11th Division. The recipient may have been Major General Friedrich Leopold von Roeder (1768 - 1834) who led the Division after the German Campaign and relinquished command in 1820. He probably received this vase as a parting gift.
General Roeder was immortalised in a lullaby written by Max von Schenckendorf:

"Schlaf ruhig, Vater Roeder,
Du lieber General,
Das betet wohl ein Jeder
Aus deiner Krieger Zahl.
Du bist uns Lust und Segen,
In Schlacht und Ungemach,
Du schläfst in Sturm und Regen,
Wie wir, oft ohne Dach."


From Berlin private ownership.
Lempertz Berlin auction 906 , 23rd May 2007, lot 58.


Two vases of this type were among those produced in the service for the Duke of Wellington, illus. in cat.: The Prussian Service, Berlin 1989, no. 13 - 14. For further gifts to generals, cf.: Köllmann/Jarchow, Munich 1987, vol. I, p. 199 f.

Lot 60 Dα

40.000 € - 60.000 €

50.000 €