A Berlin KPM porcelain plate with a Prussian infantryman

A Berlin KPM porcelain plate with a Prussian infantryman

Model no. 1084. The well decorated with a depiction of a soldier of the Ist Garde Regiment against a landscape with a windmill. Blue sceptre mark, brown imperial eagle mark, blue circle, impressed number 32, incised III, blue owner's monogram "G.v.L." beneath a comital crown, presumably of Lottum or Lynar. D 24.2 cm.
1823 - 32.

In the text accompanying the 2007 exhibition "Refinement and Elegance", Eva Wollschläger emphasises the attention to detail in the depiction of the uniforms, which must have played an important role for the recipient of these pieces. Services like these were presented as gifts by the King to high ranking military officials. Frederick William III had a great love of uniforms, which was typical for the era, but went far beyond the usual Prussian patriotism. In the inventories for his private rooms at the Neues Pavillion in Schlosspark Charlottenburg, which was the King's summer residence from 1824 - 1825, we find mention of "200 display plates from the Imperial porcelain manufactory in St. Petersburg in gold frames as wall decoration" all with Russian military motifs (op. cit. p. 387).


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Lot 68 Dα

5.000 € - 7.000 €

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