A Nuremberg silver beaker

A Nuremberg silver beaker

The interior gilt. Conical cup on flat base, engraved with a finely detailed scene of the Battle of Neuhäusel and "A. 1621 Wih Herr General Buquoy bey Neuheusel Todt bliben Ist." below the rim. H 9.5 cm, weight 162 g.
Marks of Andreas Michel, the battle scene monogrammed "HT" for Hans Troschel the Younger, circa 1621 - 27.

Karl Bonaventura de Longueval, Count of Bucquoy, was one of the most influential generals on the Habsburg side during the Thirty Years' War. He took command of the Hungarian campaigns in 1621, conquering Mären and Pressburg, but fell during the siege of Neuhäusel (Nové Zamky) in southern Slovakia on 10th July.


Galerie Abels, Cologne 1975; Rhenish private collection.


This beaker mentioned in cat.: Wenzel Jamnitzer und die Nürnberger Goldschmiedekunst 1500 - 1700, Munich 1985, p. 41 f., 52. The engravings there attributed to the Nuremberg based engraver Hans Troschel the Younger.

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