Renée Sintenis - Schlafendes Zebukalb

Renée Sintenis - Schlafendes Zebukalb - image-1
Renée Sintenis - Schlafendes Zebukalb - image-1

Renée Sintenis

Schlafendes Zebukalb

Bronze with mid-brown patina Height 3.3 cm. Length 9.5 cm. Width 4 cm Monogrammed 'RS laterally on right leg. Numbered "11" to the left of it. - With a few traces of greenish oxidation.

According to Ursel Berger, "Schlafendes Zebukalb" was one of the first figures by Sintenis issued by the art dealer Alfred Flechtheim in 1924, for which numbering was apparently also planned. An edition of at least 15 casts can be assumed; the Berlin National Gallery owns an exemplar numbered "15" from the artist's estate. According to Berger, numbered Sintenis bronzes are quite rare.

Catalogue Raisonné

Berger/ Ladwig 63; Buhlmann 203


With an expert report by Ursel Berger, Berlin, dated 1 September 2019


Private possession, Germany; Private possession, South Africa


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Lot 473 Dα

5.000 € - 7.000 €

12.400 €